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Integriteten redan körd?

Finns det något sätt att stoppa övervakningssamhället? Nej, säger Peter Hustinz, Europeiska datatillsynsmannen genom en länk jag hittar hos Klamberg.

The society is moving towards what is often called a ‘surveillance society’ in which every transaction and almost every move of the citizens is likely to create a digital record. … This leads to an increasingly connected world in which public security organisations may have access to vast amounts of potentially useful information, which can directly affect the life of the persons concerned.

Min personlig reflektion är också som Hustinz. Det måste bli värre innan det (kanske) kan bli bättre. Betyder det att man ska bara gå med på allt detta och luta sig tillbaka. Nej,Naturligtvis inte, en bra början är att byta politiker som S. Danielsson (C), B. Ask (M), T. Bodström (S), Tolgfors och andra övervakningsivrare som inte bryr sig om detta, eller tycker man gör det ”för ditt eget bästa”.

Hittade en bok på loppis som redan 1999 tar upp ”End of privacy”

As Justice Louis Brandeis suggested more than a century ago, privacy—the right to be left alone—is the most valued, if not the most celebrated, right enjoyed by Americans. But in the face of computer, video, and audio technology, aggressive and sophisticated marketing databases, state and federal “wars” against crime and terrorism, new laws governing personal behavior, and an increasingly intrusive media, all of us find our personal space and freedom under attack.

In The End of Privacy, Charles Sykes traces the roots of privacy in our nation’s founding and Constitution, and reveals its inexorable erosion in our time. From our homes and offices to the presidency, Sykes defines what we have lost, citing example after example of citizens who have had their conversations monitored, movements surveilled, medical and financial records accessed, sexual preferences revealed, homes invaded, possessions confiscated, and even lives threatened—all in the name of some alleged higher social or governmental good


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