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GNU/Linux strolling in Berlin

After some wonderful days in Berlin, i noticed i had some time over to check out other important stuff than just having fun and enjoying the culture. ”Other important fun stuff” could mean some IT-stuff then.

The computerspielemuseum where not in place yet. I did a check for some Linux-stuff and noticed i missed Linuxtag with a week. Ok, what more was there? Newthinkingstore.de seemed nice, but i didn’t get the time to go there when it’s was open. But i found another store called Tuxman.de and decided to drop by. If you look at the link, you’ll see it’s quite a small store, but they do have an nice small assortment of nerdstuff. Even some bottle of Debian-wine. And the owner where superfriendly and really interested in FOSS. So, if you got some extra time while hanging out in Berlin, don’t hesitate to make a visit.


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