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Fix USB floppydrive support in Ubuntu 12.04

I love old computers. I hate floppy’s. But.. Sometimes i gotta fetch something over a floppy to a retrocomputer, or maybe read some old floppybased documents. And, so i need a working USB floppydrive for my PC. Yes, even though floppydrives are ancient relics. it happens that people have to use them.

Sadly, floppydisk support haven’t been working Ubuntu since a while ago. And the fix doesn’t seem to be highly prioritized, just look at number of comments in the bugreport. I think i saw a zillion workarounds for this, but the easiest one must be this:

1. Download the last udisk package that worked correctly .i.e. udisks 1.0.1 (not the updates one)

2. Install the package from the terminal with commando sudo dpkg -i udisks_1.0.1-1build1_amd64.deb 

After the install(downgrade), Ubuntu should be able to mount your USB floppydrive correct. Remember that sometimes regular Ubuntupdates can overwrite the installed old udisksversion. Should it happen, just reinstall it again.

I really hope someone fixes the bug soon – I would like for Linux to be a great and easy platform for retrostuff too.



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