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Samsung and SamyGo – No Go

If you recently have bought a Samsung TV, you have noticed the quite good mediacenter built-in into them. Sure, it handles quite a lot of common formats like MKV, Flac and stuff. But, it’s also partially Open Source. It’s good Samsung – it means someone should be able to implement even cooler features, for a more and richer Media center. And.. there’s is one such project: SamyGo.

But some dickheads at Samsung have decided that the customer can’t decide what to do with the hardware, they bought and so, they have locked down the firmware. SamyGo can’t be used any longer. I wrote to the Samsung Open Source center and asked them about this issued.

Locked firmware, although based on GPL in Samsung TV’s?

Hello Samsung,
I’m a developer and an heavy user of Samsung products. It’s surprising to see the increasing firmware lockin on GPL-based products that Samsung recently has undertaken on their LED-TV’s (and other tyypes).
Whilst i’m able to install SamyGo , the alternative Samsung medafirmware (http://www.samygo.tv/) on one of my older sets, the newer one has an newer locked down firmware, which makes this impossible. For what reason are this lockdowns?- It doesnt go well with your GPL-usage, and initiatives like this site. Would Samsung please reconsider unlocking the firmware on their GPL-based TV-sets? Please give us who likes to modify some room – there’s no economic loss in that. Rather the opposite for you!


Thank you for your interest in our product.
First of all, we apologize for late reply for your mail.
For your question, we have discussed with our developers and legal team lawyers more carefully.
We regret to inform you as follows again:

As written in opensource acknowlegement and notice, we officailly release all opensource package according to GPL v2 license agreements.
Samsung should also ensure of normal operation of product and protecting of content provider’s intellectual property and patent for not-opensource portion.
If Samsung DTV division violates this agreement with CP(contents provider), it can cause another copyright legal lawsuit by CP for copyright and proprietary.
It is another reason that Samsung couldn’t guerantee for the system failure and abnormal cases by the result of user-modified image upgrading.

For this reason, we use GPL v2 license instead of GPL v3 in spite of technical limitation.
If we product using GPL v3, we will releasing by non-descrypted file format according to the compliance of GPL v3 agreement.
We apology for not giving you favorable reply and thank you for helpful advice.
Thank you at all time.

Kindly regards,

In short: NO we won’t, because someone at Samsung is afraid that content providers might be angry???

Samsung… so what! Win the tech and tinkerers hearts instead. It’s often we techs who recommnds products to friends and relatives. Samsung could only win more customers on allowing things like SamyGo. It would benefit Samsung, and it would benefit customers! Don’t be dickheads!


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