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Clone/backup your memorycard to file

I needed to clone/backup an 32GB SD-card i use for one of my retrocomputers (An Amiga running with the SD-card as an harddrive).

Basically i just wanted a file of it that i could either write to new SD-cards, or easily backup for later restore.

Problem solved, this is how i did:

* Connect the SD-card with your adapter
* Fire up an terminalwindow (yes, we will do this commandline style, scary huh:)

* And we will use the old, old (but reliable ) dd command. dd takes an bit for bit sector of a device and writes it to file etc. So,

dd if=/dev/sdX of=YOURIMAGE.img

where sdX is the device you want to make an clone of.(Find out with disktools, gparted or so on) and YOURIMAGE.img the file you want to write to.

For writing the imagefile back to another device

dd if=YOURIMAGE.img of=/dev/sdX


Good to know:

* CAUTION: Be sure that /dev/sdX is the right device, other wise you can f**k things up. Doublecheck!
* Use same sizecard you write back to. Otherwise, you may waste space.
* Don’t forget to backup your file..

Tools used:
* Noname sd-card adapter to USB (plexgear)
* Mustang 32gb SD-card
* (and in the old amiga an SD/CF-drive from Delock)


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