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Cloning a dual boot Windows/Linux hdd to a smaller SSD hdd

I have an HP-8560 laptop at work, happily running Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows 7 x64. The other day, my boss told i could have an 256gb SSD-disk to replace my 512gb ”regular” one. Nice, i thought, as that will save me from bootstress and other stuff. An SSD is faster, better and shinier and newer and lighter and… Well!

I didn’t feel like setting up everything in my environment(s) again, and so, like i done before, i wanted to clone the old disk to the SSD-disk. Usually, and in all occassions i use 2 Open source tools to do this kind of stuff:

GParted (or Parted magic, where GParted is included)

GParted is a tool for changing partitions, and Clonezilla is a clone/backup tool for harddrives (think Norton Ghost).

Unfortunately following this guide didn’t work for me, as i also had to do the following:
* Adjusting the partitions with gparted worked fine – but remember to run chkdisk in Windows and fsck in Linux after your done.

* I couldn’t get Clonezilla to clone my old drive even after i shrunk my partitions, so i had to restore to Acronis true image,( an commercial variant of Clonezilla ). That worked fine for the Windows partition, but as for Linux i had to do an reinstall. Fortunately it went quick as i could copy my /home folder to the new Linuxinstall.
* I also had to have an Windows 7 dvd do an repairrun after the Acronis cloning.

Took me some extra hours, as i thought i would be really easy, but now it works fine. If it was worth it. Hell yeah, go SSD!!!


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