I have quit facebook – and survived.

There’s a lot to say about facebook, both good and bad. But, last week, i quit and deleted my account. Why? Here’s my reasons in no particular order:

  • Bored – i was tired of facebook. The only thing i enjoyed were statusevents (to a degree) and events. Facebook were fun back in 2007.
  • Other alternatives – Identi.ca/twitter is more fun for me.
  • Other alternatives – if i want to have my boss as a link i rather have him on something like linked-in. My closest friends i’d rather have in my real life.
  • Boredom – No, i’m not interested in what ”Bettan” ate for breakfast (same as yesterday). I’m really not. And she’s not probably interested in my stuff either.
  • Other alternatives – instead of joining the group ”Save the whole world” i can join Amnesty or some other group for real instead. It bet it works better.
  •  I had 165 friends – and i spoke regulary with about 10 of them. Nuff said.
  • Seeing the ”facebook-connect” button and ”like” all over the net made me even more sick of it. Go away you blue smurfbutton of the Internet.
  • Privacy issues – getting tired of having to opt-out all the time. Privacy should be default and easy.
  • Other alternatives – A real forum has living discussions. On facebook all forums (pages,groups) just die after a while. Why i don’t know. Maybe It’s so easy to join, so you don’t check em often, i don’t know.
  • I have a blog, i have identi.ca/twitter, chat/skype/mail/ a phone etc. Actually thats’s probably not even all communication ways. I do think someone can  get in touch with me without facebook if they want to. Actually – it’s quite nice to not be unreachable sometimes also.
  • Conversation killer – Oh, i saw that on facebook! heard that one?
  • Timesaver – I logged in quite often. Bye to that. Ahh,, now i going to read that article instead. Or that book. Or..

I’m not saying in any way that you should quit if you enjoy it. These are just my opinions. But i wish had done it earlier. It feels great actually. Really good.

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