Fractal design define XL R2 fulltower


It was time for me to buy a new tower case, and since i always wanted a fulltower, my choices were limited. Also, my girlfriend had some opinions on the tower in it-self, as it would be kept in our living room, and not in my computer corner. I didn’t want a blinking green/red monster.

Fractal design is a Swedish company, doing mainly computer cases that quote ” provide products with an extraordinary design level, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing. ”. All in so-called Scandinavian design, minimalistic and by the ”less-is-more” philosophy.  Often they get very good reviews.

After reading reviews and having the regular search-da-internez, i had the luck to see that Fractal design were to relase their new fulltower just now. So, i decided to go for it.


A heavy and big package arrived at the postoffice last night, and after unpacking it, i started to migrate the motherboard. PSU and stuff from my old case. To my joy it was very easy, and i felt the the case oozed of quality. Plenty of space compared to my old case. I always feel a bit nervous when doing big migrations like this, but the computer started at once in the new Fractal case. Basically i stuffed 5 harddrives, one Gigabyte ATX-amd, two Radeons 5770, one Seasonic PSU and a water cooler (ECO from COOLIT) into it, besides the 3 fans Fractal included.

It’s such a (silent) beauty, and i can warmly recommend anyone looking for a new fulltower case to buy one of those. Go for it!

Here’s a review in Swedish

and one in English

Negative: Fractal design as a company doesn’t seem to have a strategy for environment/green, and that’s something i as a consumer expect , every serious company has it.