Welcome to my man cave

  Welcome to my man cave, I think you’re gonna like it, I think you’re gonna feel you belong.
Every computer nerd wants a man cave and I’ll show you mine. In here I do retro gaming, coding, writing, translations, and occasionally electronics. Or to quote my girlfriend: ”As long as you keep all your shit in there, I don’t care”.
We’re on our way in, will we ever see the light of day again?



Some of my programmers book. Notice farther down, there’s a lot of retro ones. One day i’ll be an assembler guru too.



Big printer etc to the left. Main Clevo laptop for work, programming, writing and translations and Steam Linux gaming, with extra screen. Big CRT for my Retro PC behind that. To the right my X-arcade joystick, used for heavy MAME duels.

 Retro Pentium, used for DOS, Win 98 XP and Linux. DOS-gaming galore.
PS2/PC-corner not much to see here..
Programming books, 2600, FSF, Some of my electric tools, and strange cola bottles.
Japanese Sega 8-bit and Brazil 8-bit. Mastersystem/Mark 3
On the floor: 2 Amiga 1200 in towers and one Sam 460x. Amigas have 060 and 030 in them.
CRT-tv for real retro look. An atari ST 1040 on of it. Wico joysticks, to the right spectrum +2, commodore 64 and a Japanse Sega Mark 3/Mastersystem.
European sega 8-bit games. Only collect the ones i don’t have in Japanese form.
Consoles with boxes, I only collect some Amigas and Sega stuff, the rest have been given to me by people that knows of my interest. Actually, I’m not buying any more consoles, and only certain missing items for my Sega and Amiga. I have no intention to horde more. I play with the stuff, and completes games, and I use the computers, so I wouldn’t have time for more.
Amigastuff: Sierra and Lucasarts hell yeah!
Cineamaware, level 9, magnetic scrolls etc
Psygnosis and stuff.


Every goddamn issue of retrogamer.




All computers and devices that can, have flashcarts and are connected to the net. Or any other strange device you can find for them nowadays. I like order, notice power buttons.




Easy change audit for my Edifier speakers. All devices connect here.




..or through switches. Notice cables have pics of which device they belong to, order,,yes. A jailbreaked PS2 to the right.



 I also have a regular powerhorse with AMD GPUs and PI’s for Tor, I2p, Boinc, Mediacenter and stuff, but as they are not in my little cave..
That’s it folks. My creation, leisure and inspiration spot.