How you can strengthen your privacy online.

After the latest days debate/debacle about NSA-spying on…well, everything,  with the help from some large techcompanies, like Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, Skype and so on, it’s time to resist a little. And it’s great techfun to learn some of the tools and techniques used – Win-Win. Time to get back some of that lost privacy. Here’s to get you started. It really won’t give you full privacy in any means,   but it’ll give you MORE privacy than now. Alright, lets  start there then, that should keep you busy for an evening or two.

A good overview from EFF, that complements my text.

1. Surf:Change webbrowser. Download firefox and the plugins ghostery,adblockplus, donottrack, httpseverywhere
2. Search – dont use google, use duckduckgo as first choice..
3. Mail: Generate a pgp-key and start encrypting mail when you can.
4. Mail: Dont use gmail, windows live, yahoo,,and other NSA-providers. Get a provider thats more secure, like neobox, fripost, countermail, hushmail or what you can find.
5. Chat: Cryptocat is very use to use. On your local computer,Always use OTR, which is an encrypted chat that works with facebook, gtalk and so on. Pidgin and adium supports OTR.
6. Social:Don’t use facebook or google+, use Diaspora or any other secure platform. Sad to say, I think Diaspora is the only one here.
7. OS: Use an secure OS like Ubuntu instead of Windows or Mac. At least you’ll know there’s no backdoors.
8. IPPhone. Don’t use Skype, use Zfone. Jitsi seems like a good alternative, and has IM also.

Cloud: Mega is an encrypted cloudservice.

Same goes for you mobilephone. Guardian project has OTR and the like for Android. K9 for mail, and there you can use pgp.

As FSF says, try to use Free software projects, thats a good start.

EDIT: Here’s some more stuff to try