Replace your Zotac Zbox fan

Remember I ranted about Zotac Zbox a couple of years ago and the fact that they don’t sell replacement fans Well, I opened up my ZBOX again a while ago, but this time I also removed the fan construction and opened that one too. Lo and behold – in it was a tiny fan that surely could be replaced – for me it was a Young lin DFB501012H (some obscure chinese fan)  and after some searching around the net I found a place which sold them cheaply, so I ordered two of them. It took a while for them to arrive – but It was super easy replacing the fan once they arrived and now my ZBOX will roll on quitely for a couple of more years.:)



Don’t buy a Zotac Zbox!

Zotac has a good range of ZBOX:es that in combination with Ubuntu/XBMC makes excellent mediacenters for watching movies, SVT and alike. I was quite a fan of them, and would recommend them to friends, until recently, when the cpu-fan in mine started to wear out and making sounds. They wear out quite soon. So, I’ll just get another then, I thought… OR NOT – after mailing them they tell me (and all other customers, search for it) that they don’t sell replacement fans. And no one else sells them neither, because they are custom made and nonstandard. So the htpc I bough a while ago is practically worthless, and ready for the dump.

Don’t ever buy a Zotac ZBOX until they fixed this. Go for something else. Shame on you Zotac. You aint no friend of mine anymore.